Why a Marketer Needs a Graphic Designer

“I gave you my brief communication two days ago, why is it still on your desk?” He demanded to know. Does this statement sound familiar to you?  Mary feels that John undermines her because he needs him to run his ad campaigns, while John feels that Mary misinterprets him because he does not respect his career.

The very core of our human emotion is the desire to be valued, respected, and understood. Generally, marketers are trained to develop client briefs, write the core message of an advertising campaign, highlight a need and provide a solution to the target audience, manage visual communication summaries, while a graphic designer is trained to execute a communication summary visually while applying the principles and elements of graphic design.

First of all, marketers are known to present complicated and complex communications. Communication reports that are written without the customer’s central objective result in incorrect execution. Marketers must be extremely sensitive, almost intuitive, to understand what customers’ needs are.

Second, the marketing strategy is not related to the goals and objectives of the graphic designer. There is a separation between two disciplines, and therefore this makes it more difficult to understand each other. A marketer must understand the mind of a visual designer to provide the necessary support that will pay off in executing a creative implementation marketing strategy.

Third, marketers often include creative design execution in the final stage. This causes the creative designer to lack ownership of the project, which will be reflected in the poor execution of the client report. It is up to the marketer to include input from the creative designer in the initial stage so that he or she asks the client all the relevant questions necessary to facilitate the execution of a brilliant advertising campaign.

Fourth, a relationship between marketer and a designer saves time, money, and energy that would have been wasted on a poorly executed ad campaign that would have failed to increase customer awareness, strengthen brand loyalty, or improve revenue by sales. This requires a stronger bond between marketers and visual artists to successfully create an exceptional ad campaign.

Finally, it is critically important that marketing courses include units that expose the significant value of forging positive relationships with creative designers. This relationship is critical to formulating successful and brilliant advertising and marketing campaigns.

For many new business owners, doing a bunch of little things necessary to start a business can be not only an exhausting endeavor, but also costly. From updating your own website to getting down to business networking, any business owner can tell you that you could easily work 24 hours a day and still not get everything you need to do.

Of course, we are all united and looking for ways to take shortcuts, and there are places where you can do it. You can do your own administrative tasks like keeping books, writing checks or writing financial statements, or you can even make your own updates on social media. But there are definitely places where taking shortcuts just to save money will affect your business’ chances of success.

And doing your own graphic design is definitely one of these areas.

Graphic design is a complicated art, and there is a reason why there are schools that teach it and people who specialize in it. Just because you know how to add clip art to a Word document doesn’t make you a designer. Graphic design is a skill that delicately blends technical and artistic skills, and it takes years of education (and, more importantly, experience) to master.

If you’re still skeptical, just do a quick Google search for “Bad Logo Examples.” You will see pages and pages appear with incorrect logo designs.

But it’s not just your logo that will need to be designed. Once you have one, you will also need basic promotional items such as business cards and company stationery such as letterhead. I won’t even go into other promotional items like posters and newspaper ads; I’m sure you get the point.

If you don’t have the experience and skills of a graphic designer and are trying to make your own promotional items, chances are you will make your marketing materials look cheap and cheesy. And the result of that? Your company looks cheap and cheesy.

In fact, even if you have some design experience, I recommend that you hire an outside source who is not as involved in the project; it can help provide an outside perspective that will ultimately help get your marketing message across more effectively and efficiently.

Web-page Design

Accredited schools and colleges offer higher education website design training to help prepare you for the career of your dreams. Training is available at various levels, including the certificate, associate, bachelor’s, and master’s level. The training will vary in duration, depending on the level of education received. You can expect to spend several months to six years of getting an education. The course work will cover different topics depending on the level of training obtained, as well as the desired profession. Topics such as information technology, business graphic design, HTML, web illustration, e-commerce, and many other related topics will be studied. Once you have obtained higher education, you can pursue the career path that is right for you.

There are several career opportunities available to you once you obtain an accredited education in this field. The type of career you can pursue will vary depending on the specialized area of ​​study, as well as the level of training you have decided to pursue. Possible career paths can include working as a professional web graphic designer, website architect, multimedia web designer, user interface designer, digital artist, and more. In pursuing any of these careers, you will need to learn graphic design, digital video and media production, communication, computers, and more. You can also study computer-aided drawing (CAD), recording arts, JavaScript, and various other subjects. Get started by finding a path and completing the training today.