Ultimate Resources to Master Android Development

Before creating your personal app you need to know about android development that relay on various technologies. In this article I will give the guidance about android development resources, especially when you don’t know from where you need to start ad what will be the next step. Search on google and read the related articles to get the knowledge on recent android developments.

My researched-based job at nursing essay writing service helped me to be updated with the latest trends and technologies. To acknowledge all you guys I have collected all the resources that will be very helpful to master android developer or even you are a beginner or seasonal. This article will be very useful to you.

First, I Will Share Some Resources for them who Just Start their Android Development.

Google develop some easy courses for beginners to learn and practice about basic concepts of android development.

Android Studio

For beginners who keen to develop their first android app android studio is the easy and useful guide of android development.

Android Development Code Labs

This is also the best resource that is used by an android developer from the start of their android development.

Google Android Glossary

If you are already step in the android world so this is for sure that you already overcome with the latest concepts and terms, an interactive and simply glossary with code examples designed by google that is very easier for android developers.

Android Training Guides

Google introduces the official training guide that is very useful for an android developer, all the basic concepts and codes with the example provided in this official android training guide.

XML Basic

If you want to design your android layout then this is the right time to learn from XML basics, it is very time saving and easy resource. And best who are working on their first app, XML is the mark-up language that is used to describe to develop your append it defines user interface looks.

Now I will guide them who are already part of android development if you have experience of more than a year, I want to share some great resources to more increase their knowledge and skills in android development.

Developing Android Apps

A google introduced well-designed course for an intermediate level of developers to increase their skills on advanced level

Common Designed Patterns for Android

If you are the part of android development for years and you still searching smart ways to solve software development problems so the common designed pattern will help you the most.

How to Master Android Development

Android has a wide range of open-source apps but it is very difficult to find the best one that improves your development skills such as…

MVC vs MVP vs. MVVM in Android

It is the best approach to learn about complex android app for development, testing, debugging and maintenance correctly.

Modern Android: Ditching Activities and Fragments

Androids activity and fragments are very complex and frustrating but there are some modern ways to create apps also cheap assignment help provide the idea in this article.

RxAndroid Tutorial

For reactive programming, on android, this tutorial is very useful to get you on board.

Android View Constructor

With the proper use of android view constructor, you will get to know about its working and how it is useful for you to create your own custom views

Android Core with a Looped, Handler, and Handle Thread

If you want to make high quality, smooth and fast applications you need to understand how asynchronous the world builds android framework.

Custom Views and View Group

If you want to get an understanding of views and view groups and its working on android you need to learn from this tutorial to create perfect custom UI components

Launch Modes on Android

To create the perfect navigation in your app you have to properly understand the different launches in android work.

Publish your own Android Library

Developers using libraries in your android apps from until now but also they want to participate in the community, you can easily get a complete and in-depth guide to publish your own library.

Google Play Store App pre-release Checklist

You can learn the successful launch of your app in the play store easily that you are working on it for months.

Android Architecture Blueprint

To develop an android app you need to learn different architecture and patterns that is proved by the GitHub repository

Develop Instant Apps on Android: Web Apps Take on Native Apps

If you don’t want to miss discoverable and fast-loading apps, the no need to confused between web apps and native apps

Best Android Tools for Android Developers

If you are struggling to develop android apps for a long time and still you want to workflow productivity and development so these tools are the best option to need to check out.

Use Android Studio like a Pro

It is very common and we are using an android studio almost on daily basis to create your apps but still, you don’t know the about it importance but this is so much power and can do most of the things.

Android best Practices

The best practice on android helps you to develop clean better apps and if you won’t maintain your consistent development style for everyone so this is very important to develop with a team because it is explaining many aspects of android development.

Android Strings.xml

You will find string.xml is the best practice to properly resource the file and making more

Android Guidelines

The android guidelines and best practices are the complete and best resource to cover the development of android and its many features.

Best Practices for Work in the Enterprise

If you want to learn the features and techniques to use android in your enterprise, you will get more from these articles to use android in company.

Effective Java for Android

To writing high-quality maintainable java code you can consider effective JAVE is the best book, you can make android development useful by using these principles.

Tips for Rxjava on Android

If you choose to build android apps in a reactive way, you can avoid common mistakes by using these best tips.

Hiding Secrets in Android App

You can learn the best techniques to store secrets like password, API keys and other important information in the android app from this article and also know about their pros and cons.

Design the Beautiful Android App

Design Material

In android development, designing plays an important role, here I will incorporate how to design your app according to the latest trends. You will learn the design material for android from the inside depth too.

Animate all the Things: Android Transition

You will learn how to create meaningful animations in the android app for the user from the rest.

Building Interface with Constraint Layout

Constraint layout completely changes when we talk about designing layouts of your android apps.

Material Design in Design Science

You can get the best perspectives for material design and how you can use this to design your app.

Wrap Up

You can use these resources to brushing up your android development knowledge and make sure you follow these established best practices for android programming.

Avoid having one large file uses only multiple style files remember the 65k method limit, in this rule the total numbers of methods that are referenced with single DWX files to 65536 uses only a few libraries in the application adhere to a standard of the high-quality standard consistently.

Also, keep in mind that there are lots of challenges in android development that are related to a lack of hardware standardization and aware all of these challenges before start coding to develop a better application.