Top 5 Resources for Teaching Artificial Intelligence to Kids

Today’s generation has grown up surrounded by applications of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. From virtual assistants to recommendation engines on the shopping websites, there is hardly anything that they use which has not been influenced by Artificial Intelligence.

However, they are unaware of what is behind them or how they work. Understanding the fundamentals of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning is becoming increasingly essential, especially coding classes for kids. Therefore, as both the parents and teachers, teaching AI to kids becomes our responsibility to make them AI ready for the future.

So, today in this article, we are going to share with you some useful AI teaching resources for teaching AI to kids in an easy, interactive, and playful manner. So, let’s have a look at each of them one by one.

Resources for Teaching AI to Kids


Edurific is founded by the Alumni of IIT, Warwick Business School, Michigan State University, New York University, London University, and many more Top Universities, to empower kids through Coding, Robotics, and AI courses. It has a unique way to offer your child relevant skills and prepare them for a better future.

Edurific help to teach AI classes for kids, with the World-Class Curriculum Designed by IITian’s & Ph.D’s. Book a Demo class now.


Apart from being your go-to place for the latest recipes, movies, songs, or cute dog videos, Youtube is an ocean of free knowledge. Just type in AI for kids, and you will get hundreds of videos for the purpose of teaching AI to kids in a lot of different ways.

The best thing about Artificial Intelligence learning videos on YouTube is that they are easy to understand and keep them engaged. Here are a few of the good video tutorials on Artificial Intelligence for kids that teach them AI in an easy and engaging manner:

  • Microsoft Explanimators
  • Siraj Raval’s Artificial Intelligence for Kids
  •  Crash Course Artificial Intelligence

Experiments with Google   

Best thing that Google faces is spreading knowledge in an understandable and engaging way. Experimenting with Google is no different. It is, as the website states, “a collection of experiments that teachers, students, and families are using to learn from home.” It consists of various simple yet interesting experiments for teaching AI to kids.

Machine Learning for Kids

This resource is an online platform that offers a hands-on machine learning experience to kids. It guides them step by step to create machine learning models that can recognize different things such as sounds, texts, images, numbers, etc. It firstly helps to teach kids how to train a model by first collecting examples, then showing it to the computer to train the computer to recognize the particular thing you want it to recognize, and then use the Machine Learning model to create a game or an app of their own. It’s learning by doing approach makes it a valuable AI teaching resource.

Artificial Intelligence for Kids – Online AI Course

While there may be lots of free resources available for teaching AI to kids, enrolling them in a good online AI source is still the best option. The advantage of choosing the online AI courses over the free material on AI for kids available on the internet is that online courses are created by subject matter experts, and you can be sure that they have been designed by keeping in mind the age and understanding level of the person for whom the course is intended.

Online AI classes for kids age 5+ takes kids into the exciting world of artificial intelligence and machine learning where they learn AI and machine learning key basic concepts such as face detection, machine learning, computer vision, optical character recognition, etc. in an interactive manner via real-world application-based projects.


Both the AI and ML are on the rise and are here to stay with us. Being the major leaders of the future, it is essential for the 21st-century kids to understand and master the AI and ML. All the resources that we have listed are some of the best for teaching AI to kids in an engaging manner while ensuring that they develop the skills necessary to become AI-ready for the future.