Martin Lloyd Sanders Discusses the Experience of Joining the Medical Side of the Armed Forces

There are many people who dream of joining the armed forces or the military right from a young age. However, not everyone has the aptitude needed to become a soldier and fight in the borders. Martin Lloyd Sanders points out that people who have the desire to serve their country and help others, may even choose to join the medical side of the armed forces. Captain Sanders currently is the Director for Safety, Environmental Compliance and Emergency Management in Federal Occupational Health (FOH/PSC). He has also been deeply involved in bio-safety and bio-security issues in both the U.S. and abroad for quite some time.

Military personnel are considered to be the pride of the nation. This not just includes the people fighting for the country, but also the professionals who provide the soldiers with the important medical care and treatment they need.  Over the years, Martin Lloyd Sanders has met a number of military personnel, and acquired a good insight on their way of working. This has helped him to understand the importance of medical professionals in the military.  He mentions that military doctors play a vital role in well being and good health of the soldiers, and ensure that they are fit for duty. Military doctors and other medical professionals may work at the military base or at the base. 

Unlike typical doctors, medical practitioners working in the military do not stick to working at a single place. They may have to visit international medical centers and field camps, as well as participate actively in distinct international relief efforts. Military doctors quite commonly treat victims of major natural disasters, bomb blasts and other catastrophic events.  While this factor makes the job role of military doctors quite demanding, it also ensures that they do not suffer from any monotony and boredom at work. They, in fact, get to enjoy the rewarding experience of serving people in dynamic environments, and caring for some of the bravest men and women of the planet. among young people would eventually hinder them from living their life to the fullest in the future. Many medical problems that one may face as they cross their 50s can, to an extent, be prevented if they provide more importance to staying healthy during their youth.

Even though military doctors have the competency to treat various types of medical conditions, their key job role largely involves making sure that the soldiers are fit and healthy enough for duty. The injuries suffered by soldiers on the field or during training are also treated by these doctors. With age, the energy level one may have also depletes. However, people who tend to follow healthy habits from a young age, are likely to be quite energetic even as they reach their 50s. As people try to lead a healthy life, they would feel active all the time with plenty of energy to do more activities. They shall always feel refreshed, even if they have to engage in physically tiring activities. Young people often think that they are invincible and nothing can even ever harm them, including ill health.

One of the most unique experiences enjoyed by military doctors is the sense of camaraderie, which one cannot see in typical hospitals and clinics. As pointed by Martin Lloyd Sanders  that military personnel have a certain sense of belonging and team spirit, which can hardly be seen in any other field. Military personnel of all rankings and job roles, including soldiers, commanders and doctors, have the common goal of standing against the enemies of the nation. This common goal binds them together. All military personnel tend to be aware of the fact that no matter what they may face in the field, they would always have each others back when it counts the most.