How to Make a Perfect Curriculum Vitae

Currently, it is important to submit a good CV when you apply for a job. But what is a good CV? First of all, it must be good-looking. Recruiters only spend an average of 6 seconds to see each curriculum vitae they receive when they screen applications. Thus, you must attract their attention with a catchy document that is out of the ordinary. Then, finetune the content because it also must be flawless.

Simple, Elegant and Flawless CV Layout

It is better to bet on sobriety and not to go too far out of the frame. Recruiters have their bearings and always look at a CV from top to bottom from top to the left. We advise you to keep one colour or two, a reading direction from top to bottom, respecting the ordering of your information in an anti-chronological way, that is to say starting from your most recent experiences (same for your training). What interest the recruiter are your latest experiences and not the eldest ones! There are still many CVs that do not respect this condition and that are a shame. To make it easier, learn how to make cv online. You will just have to select the right CV template and complete it with your own information.

Avoid Logos in your CV

Current human resource managers are uncompromising because recruiting the wrong profile can cost them dearly. Illustrating your experiences with the logos of the employers for whom you have worked is at the same time redundant, useless and worse… gives an outdated connotation to your CV. The same rule applies to pictograms like the small envelope in front of your email address or the phone for your mobile number.

Be Careful with the Photo

Put a good CV photo or nothing! Stop illustrating your CV with photos out of frame or of poor quality. Avoid the kind of CV which encourages recruiters to press Eject and opt for those which push them to pick up the phone to find out more about you. The photo must be taken in front of a neutral background. Stop putting photos in your living room, in the evening or in front of the tiles in your bathroom, etc. It must be of good quality, avoid pixelated pictures and with washed out colours. Choose an appropriate outfit. Put the odds on your side and while waiting to know the dress code of the company, minimize the risks!