How to Design an Attractive Virtual Stage for Your Online Event

Ever since the pandemic hit this modern and tech-advanced world, virtual events have become the very need of the event industries. Event organizers are looking for new ways to enhance their events by integrating many new technologies into their virtual events. In virtual events, you cannot decorate your event stage like that of the physical world. However, as the technology is getting more advanced day-by-day and the event industry is shifting to more virtual platforms, there are several advanced tools that provide features to enhance the experience of virtual events

Virtual Stage is the crucial aspect of the online event, it is the one that reflects the theme, motto, and subject of your event to your audience. To attract and offer a fascinating experience to your audience, it is important that you design a creative virtual stage for your online event.

So if you are keen to know more about the virtual stage and how to design its attractive face, you can dig deep into this blog and discover ways to design a creative and attractive virtual stage for your online event.

But let’s first understand, what is a virtual stage and why should you make it attractive?

Virtual Stage – What Is It?

You might have thought that the virtual stage is the same as the interface or first screen you see over the zoom call. However, the virtual stage is far more different than these Zoom calls.

But the actual definition of the Virtual Stage is that it is the place where your audience can see and access the information, content, communicate, and interact with others during the virtual event. A virtual stage is a place where you provide your audience with the link prior to hosting the link where they can explore the details about the event, get a small glimpse of the event, learn about the other attendees, and get instructions to join the virtual event.

Your audience can access the virtual stage by signing in to the virtual event platform with the registered email or event code or ID you share with your registered audience.

So now you might have got a better idea about what is the virtual stage and how it works. But why is it important to design the virtual stage?

Reasons To Design Attractive Virtual Stage

As of now, you might have a good idea about the virtual stage, but why you need to design it into an intuitive and attractive display place is crucial to understand. So here are some of the major reasons that you need to look after for your virtual stage,

These are the reasons that you should make sure to meet for your virtual stage:

  • Offer a unique experience to attendees
  • Help them understand more about the virtual event
  • Figure out what value they gain while investing their time into your virtual event

The virtual stage plays a crucial role and helps you understand why it is important for your virtual event. Let’s get tips to make your virtual stage vibrant, interactive, and compelling to your audience.

Major Elements to Keep In Your Virtual Stage

These are some of the elements that you should make sure should be a part of your virtual stage to make it more powerful. To give your audience a glimpse of your virtual event, these are some of the points that you can include in your virtual stage:

  • Display the agenda of your event: on the sidebar of your virtual event screen, you can display the agenda of the event. You can also schedule the upcoming sessions during the event to tell your audience what’s next in the event with time duration. This will help to maintain the curiosity among your audience and keep them interested in your virtual event.
  • Provide a public chat option: to keep your audience communicating with each other, you can use a chat box feature in your virtual event. It helps your attendees to perform networking and get a live interactive session with other attendees.
  • Display social media virtual events: to increase the authority, participation, user experience, interactivity, and attractiveness of your virtual event. Displaying social walls on your virtual stage engages your audience before the actual event starts and offers them realistic content that they feel connected to. Moreover, if you want to increase the participation and interaction during the event, you can run a live hashtag campaign which you can use to display the social walls in real-time and encourage your attendees to post on the social media with your hashtag to be featured in the social wall.
  • Give your sponsors a place during the event: put your virtual event sponsors on the virtual stage with their logos. This will help your sponsors to get more visibility and your audience can clearly learn about your event sponsors that bring more value to your virtual event.

Wrapping Up!

Interesting right..! Many virtual event’s organizers do not know about the virtual stage or they do not give much importance to it.

So if you are keen to know more about the virtual stage and how to design its attractive face, you can dig deep into this blog and discover ways to design a creative and attractive virtual stage for your online event.

But the virtual stage plays a crucial role, so make sure you effectively design the virtual stage for your next virtual event and offer your audience a remarkable experience.