How Should SEOs Deal with a Downturn in Traffic and Searches?

We are currently in uncharted territory as a generation. A pandemic is on our heads. SEOs are feeling the brunt as people are no longer interested in conventional content. We discuss how SEOs should deal with such a crisis.

How Should SEOs Deal with a Downturn in Traffic and Searches?

These are difficult times.

The world is right now in a situation it wasn’t prepared for. We, as people, are not trained to live in isolation and fear. And yet, this is where we are.

The digital marketing space is also at a crossroads of sorts. People are now obsessed with one thing – getting over this crisis. There is little room for anything else anymore.

This means the SEO efforts of professionals are not bearing as many rewards as they once did. There has been a severe downturn in traffic websites generally get and the searches for popular keywords.

For most SEOs, these are unknown waters. There has never been a time before when SEOs have been asked to face a challenge of this nature. There are trends from time to time, but rarely a trend that becomes a norm and has a lasting impact on the way people behave.

At the end of the day, SEOs are marketers to. Their work has to reflect the mood of their audience and right now, all audiences seem to be affected by one fear alone.

In this article, we will cover how SEOs can deal with these difficult times and come out on the other end strong and ready to go.

Content is King, Now More than Ever

People are at home and what is the one thing they are doing most now – consuming content.

Yes, expect YouTube viewing numbers to skyrocket in the coming days along with Netflix subscriptions and email open rates. People have more time now, than they probably ever had, to consume content.

This makes content the best form of investment in these times. Thus, SEOs should be most focused on creating more and more content.

Again, the content created should reflect the mood of the public. At a time when most people are anxious and afraid, the content created should seek to allay these fears.

Continue Website Optimality Efforts

This is a great time for SEOs to do things they otherwise don’t find time to do. Conduct exhaustive SEO audits to find out all the reasons why a website might not be getting top rankings. Analyse backlinks, make a list of technical features to be improved upon, and conduct keyword analysis of the content on the website to figure out how the type of content which would be needed in the future.

In Conclusion

Our generation is now in unknown waters. We have never been here before as a people and that is the scariest part. SEOs are also coping, personally, and professionally. The natural downturn in traffic and searches due to the pandemic has brought up a lot of questions. In this article, we discuss how SEOs should deal with a downturn in traffic and searches.

About the Author– Manu Singh is a well-known SEO executive currently working at a large MNC. He also gives guest lectures at, an institute known for its digital marketing course in Delhi.