Getshortcut Clone: The Best Salon Business Idea You’d Never Have Thought Of

If you are searching just about every blog on Google telling you how to open a salon in the local market, then this blog is way different than others you may have read until now. Let me take a guess, you know what all is involved in the cost of opening the salon. But, let me remind you, the cost of starting and running a Salon involves paying for licenses, permits, real estate you’ll be renting/buying, payrolls, salon equipment, business insurance, and the inventory! But, with a tech-advanced Haircut Appointment App,everything cost gets nullified!


Now, I keep on talking about the Appointment App but, what is it? Well, this App is a simple app that helps customers to make appointments at Salon or call Salon Experts at their homes. 

But why would users use your Salon Appointment Booking App? There is no one particular reason as to why they’ll use the App, a handful of reasons.

1.   Multiple Salon Services

Your Customers will have an entire array of services to choose from such as hairstyle, makeup, blowout, etc.

2.   Choose the nearest Local Beautician

Your customers will be able to locate beauticians near them and book their services accordingly. Say, a customer may like to get an instant haircut, and the closest Getshortcut Clonestylist available is 1.4 KMs away. Thus, the customer will choose them instead of the stylist who is 10 KMs away from the location.

3.     Option to add special instructions

This feature lets users choose the best beauticians for the services that they want, and add special instructions for them. These special instructions let the users tell what they are looking for exactly. Say this is what I will write in the special instructions section;

“I want to get a fancy haircut that suits my heart-shaped face. Also, I want a shorter length.”

4.   Multiple Online Payment Options

Another reason why the customers would want to use your Haircut Appointment Appis that it includes a bunch of online payment options. Presently, a majority of the customers think that cashless transactions are far easier, secure, and keep you from the hassle of running to an ATM every now and then.

5.   Schedule the Service at their own Convenience

The main reason why someone would want to use the App is to cut down the waiting time at the salon. Taking an appointment lets the users directly go to the salon and get the job done without having to wait across the hour for their turn!


Booking the appointment using the Haircut Appointment App is safe and secure because:

  • The App is made with the best Technology Stack that keeps it intact against the new world tech breakdowns!
  • The App allows Entrepreneurs to integrate the Payment Gateway of their choice. This means that every transaction that will happen via the App will be secured under the watchful eyes of the Payment Gateway Company.
  • Getshortcut Clone includes security in case of service booking. That is the Provider will start the task only after you provide them with the 4-digit code or OTP sent to your registered phone number and email ID.


Download the Demo App today from Google Play Store or iOS App Store. Try the demo apps for free and discuss with the Experts how you want to customize the app and rebrand it to match with your company’s logo.

Opt for the Getshortcut Clone, the salon booking App today, and go live in just a week!