Everything you Need to Know about Custom Made Medallions

In today’s day and age, custom made medallion can be designed specifically for each and every need. As the name implies, customization is a major part of custom made medallions which means that these medallions can be customized in numerous ways. In today’s day and age, there are many online stores which are in the business of making custom made medallions.

What is the Extent of Customization in Custom Made Medallions?

Customization in medallions has really evolved over the years and today customization makes a lot of things possible that might have been unthinkable a couple of years ago. This means that the surface of medallions can be easily customized to include 3D reliefs based on any image of your choosing. These images can be anything right from logos to icons to any other image which is of crucial significance for an event, organization or individual that you plan on gifting these custom made medallions to. In today’s day and age, there are many online stores which can work around any budget and needs to customize either one side of the medallion or both the sides. That’s not all since customization is a huge mainstay of custom made medallions these medallions can easily support customized engravings in the form of additional information such as the name of the recipient, the name of the award and also the date on which the medallion was presented.

What are the Different uses of Custom Made Medallions?

Many entities order custom made medallions and use them as awards to recognize the efforts of their highest-performing employees or members. If you have been looking for the most cost-effective, distinctive and memorable awards then look no further than custom made medallions. Medallions usually come in circular shapes but that doesn’t necessarily have to be the case in all situations. Medallions in today’s day and age can be effortlessly customized to portray any image which can come across and completely unique and distinctive. It is because of these reasons that custom made medallions have been used by many entities to reinforce their branding among their targeted audiences.

3 Different Types of Custom Made Medallions

Custom made medallions can be of various types. Let’s have a look at some of the most common options in custom made medallions.

  • Standalone custom-made medallions: These medallions are designed to look unique and distinctive. Such medallions are often presented by entities without any ornamentation. Even without ornamentation of any kind, these medallions still have a lot of potential to easily surprise and delight the recipients of these custom made medallions. If you are looking for some type of cost-effective ornamentation to go with these custom-made medallions then you can combine them with ribbons as has been done by many entities who use these custom-made medallions. The best part is that you won’t have to break the bank or burn a hole in your pocket to order these standalone custom made medallions because they can ordered for as low as $40 from one of the many online stores on the Internet which deals in custom made medallions.
  • Custom made medallions mounted on bass: If you have been looking to use custom made medallions as a lot more functional award then you can have such medallions mounted horizontally on a base, which can end up creating a very distinctive paperweight for the recipient of these custom-made medallions. Marble is the most preferred material to serve as the base material of these paperweight custom made medallion awards. You can also choose to have customized engraving on the marvel base of the custom made medallion awards. Though a little pricier than standalone custom made medallions, these medallions can set you back by $75 and you are recommended to order them because they will surely be worth every penny that you end up paying for them!
  • Custom made medallions affixed to cups: If the above-mentioned options in custom made medallions doesn’t interest you much, then you can go for medallions that are affixed to cups. Many entities opt to order custom made medallions affixed to the surface of a cup which ends up creating a lot more statuesque recognition award based on the design of the custom made medallion. Many stores are likely to have existing award cups that can easily incorporate the custom medallion but if you aren’t totally satisfied with the range of award cups in the arsenal of the online store then you choose to get a new custom design up created for yourself. One of the most significant benefits of ordering these cups is that they can easily be mounted on a wide range of bases and these bases can easily feature customized engraving which can easily provided the much-needed information about different awards. The price for these types of custom made medallions which surely depend on the choice of the cup.