7 Best Dog Breeds

Dogs are the most loveable domestic animals. They are probably one of the first animals tamed by humans. Dogs are related to jackals, foxes, and wolves but some of their domestic behavioral traits differentiate them from their ancestors. But, not all dogs are domestic, some of them are wild and they only live in wild surroundings. 

There are different breeds of dogs, depending upon their nature, ancestors, traits, etc.


Beagle breed is one of the best choices when it comes to domestic breed. They are calmer and friendly as compared to other dog breeds. They are very adventurous and can perfectly make their place in your family. When it comes to their temperament they are not so fierce but are tolerant to another level. They are incredibly gentle and love to spend time with children. They are very canine and pooch and would enjoy playing in your yard. They are a family pet, so they love to socialize and interact with people. They serve you as your companions and guardians. They are very protective and loyal.


The Boxer breed is the most dedicated and lively dog. They love indoor and outdoor games as they are very playful and highly social. They can be your best partners in outdoor activities like walk, jogging, and other playful activities. They are famous for their aggression and are super active. It is very important to give them early training and to teach them not to jump on people. They are your best boxing partners but you have to train them to not be so aggressive and to control their anger. They are very good at taking commands and will respond to them in a well-mannered way. They get overly annoyed when their needs are not fulfilled in the way they should be therefore, they are considered as one of the most sensitive dog breeds.


They are also known as French bulldogs. They are very soft and calm and praised for their adorable natureThey will do anything to please and to cheer their owner. They would love to cuddle and are genuinely sweet and friendly. They enjoy little entertaining games and would be playful around the family. Snoozing is their favorite thing and you will find them doing it around their favorite person. They are one of the best compatible dogs who have little physical needs. 

Grey Hound

They are one of the fastest dogs with a slender body build. You have to give them early training for socialization as they get annoyed when they see strangers. They are silent dogs and prefer to stay quiet at times and in the presence of guests. While being at home they are very peaceful and humane, they act wisely and in a sophisticated way. But when you take them to play outside their energy bursts and they get super excited. The ideal trait that makes them a perfect domestic dog is their ability to adjust themselves in any environment and family setups.

Labrador Retriever

It is America most favorite pet animal for years. They are quick learners and very adjustable dogs. They have the good socializing ability and very welcoming. Their behavior with everybody is very good including humans and animals. They are not short-tempered but are cordial and loving. Their friendly behavior makes them the best choice for homes. 

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

This breed is commonly known as lap dogs. They are super loyal and have eager to live around their family and owner. They love to be around them and spend most of their time with them. Their training is not so difficult because they are well mannered by nature. A little training can serve duty. But this does not mean they are not active and zealous. It would be a problem for you if you live in a small house with no garden or open space because they love to play in spacious places. They will develop serious anxiety issues if you let them alone for a long period. If you spend most of your time away from home or at work try looking for some other breed.


If you are looking for a genius dog then a poodle dog is a good option. The training is extraordinarily easy because they are very intelligent and smart. As long as they get a sufficient amount of exercise they are very well mannered. They love to become the alphas of the family so, you have to make them know that the house is run by you, not by them. And forget not to teach them to take command not to order around. They are affable and love to play with kids. Also, it is very important to pay attention to their training although they are easy to learn things.