5 Steps to Follow after Receiving your Food from Restaurant

While it is safest to make your food at home and eat a hearty meal, ordering food online from restaurants is convenient. In fact, the restaurant business has picked up strict measures to deliver you delicious and safe food.

Whether you go for restaurant pick up order or placing your order via app, the food you receive is safe. However, taking a few extra steps to ensure further safety is never frowned upon. In fact, given the situation at the moment following safety steps is more of a necessity.

Here we have listed a few important steps to follow after receiving your food online. continue to read till the end find out.

1. Keep your Order Isolated after Receiving Food

While the food prepared and packaged is done with utmost care and safety, you cannot tell the same for the outside of the packaging. The outer cover of the food packages may be exposed to contaminants.

This is why when you receive the order at your doorstep make sure to keep it isolated or in a segregated place. Keeping the food items with other things can contaminate the other items as well.

So, make sure to keep the food you receive isolated and disinfect the packaging with proper wipes or spray.

2. Opening and Discarding the Packaging Safely

Now that you have sanitized or disinfected the packaging, it is time to proceed with the next step. Open the packaging neatly. Some of the contents of food packages may be sealed tightly, make sure to open them properly for avoiding spillage.

Once you open the packages make sure to discard them safely. Don’t keep the external packing lying on the kitchen top or on your dining table. Throw them into the dustbin and make sure to discard them later safely.

3. Wash your Hands Soap or Sanitize them with an Alcohol-based Sanitizer

Handwashing is important. Especially when you will be having your food. As soon as you are done removing the outer packaging of the food, make sure you wash your hands properly with soap and water.

If you don’t have accessibility of soap in any case then use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer. Your hands must be clean to when you handle food while serving and eating it.

4. Emptying the Food Items into Dishes with Ladles, Spoons or Tongs

Don’t make the mistake of eating the food straight out of containers or boxes in which the food was delivered. We know that’s the most convenient thing that most of us did previously. But now ensuring safety is important.

Empty the food you get from the restaurant into the dishes or utensils. Make sure the dishes are clean and dry. Also, when transferring the food into the utensils use ladles, spoons or tongs.

Avoid using your hands at all costs.

5. Throw away all the Packages and Food Containers

Finally, when you are done eating your food make sure to throw away the food containers and packages after it. Don’t keep them lying around in your house.

Keep your area clean and organized after having your food. Following simple steps as such will ensure complete safety for you, your family or friends.


So, what are you waiting for? Give a call to the best restaurant pick up order or order them online. Keep in mind to follow the above enumerated steps diligently to ensure safety.