5 Easy Steps to Create Google Local Ads for a Plumbing Company

Google, as we all know, is the biggest search engine that when rank a website higher on SERPs improves brand visibility and spread brand awareness all around. That’s the reason why plumbing marketers prefer to extend their business reach on Google and get the top ranks on local search results.

This is when plumbing marketers prefer running Google local ads. Like the traditional pay-per-click ads, local service ads also make the site appear on Google’s top results. It also has the power to drive in more plumbing customers by helping more local searchers to find the business whenever they need it.

If you are talking about internet marketing for plumbers, you just can’t help creating Google local service ads and boost your brand visibility.

Don’t know how to create?

Read the following steps and follow them to create engaging ads for your business.

5 Easy steps to create Google Local Service Ads for a Plumbing Company

  1. What is your eligibility criteria? The very first thing that you should start with is by determining and verifying your business’s eligibility. For Google Local Service Ads, only a certain group of companies are eligible.
     At the initial step, first, confirm that your business type is eligible for running local service ads along with its location. Once you confirm your type and location, you will be asked to create an account so as to manage all your local service ads. An account on Google AdWords helps the users to manage all the ads created on this platform.
  2. Create a Business Profile: Signing up your business and creating your own profile on this Google AdWords platform is a bit tiring job. You have to provide different sets of information and in an authentic way.

    Remember, creating a business profile is not similar to creating an account. Creating a business profile determines which categories fit your business local service ads. Make sure the list you create fits your business. For example, the services you want to perform, the region you are targeted at, and so on. You have to make your choice based on your requirements. After all, you have to pay for the match leads generated from your local service ads.
    On your business profile, you can edit the weekly budget, business hours, contact details, service areas, and job types. Create a profile so that potential clients find it easier to grab your services whenever they need it.
  3. Don’t forget to add license and insurance to your profile: Don’t you want to have a Google Guarantee Badge? To achieve this, it is imperative to add an authentic license and insurance to your profile.

    You have to showcase that you are offering a licensed service with proper liability insurance. Make sure all your insurance papers and license are up-to-date. To ensure authentic professional services, it is necessary to prove yourself legitimate.

    Google Guarantee is another reason to drive in more customers to your doorstep. Don’t forget to take the utmost care of this.
  4. Determine your Budget: What is your budget for running plumbing ads on Google? Budget is a vital factor for every business. You just can’t expect that a small-scale plumbing company can spend like a large enterprise. There are some limitations and you have to maintain it. Therefore, determining the budget and create ads accordingly, is very important. Well, Google’s local service ads are just like PPC ads where you are bound to have a certain amount to run your ad. You can decide your own budget and how much you are willing to spend on your leads and accordingly create advertisements for your brand. Here you only have to pay for the leads. This means whenever a person calls or messages your business, you have to spend a buck for them. Therefore, you can map out a budget by framing the number of leads you want in a month. For example, if you want 50 leads you can set a budget of $500, if you want more, you can spend more.
  5. Start running your Google Local Service Ad: So, now since you have determined your budget, generated a guaranteed badge from Google, and created a proper business profile, it is time to run the ad. Start running your Google Local Service ads and enjoy generating huge leads for your business.

The Bottom Line

Google’s local service ads indicate that the brand is highly reliable and can be trusted for hiring their services. The Google Guarantee Badge acts as a symbol of trust, as it is provided only to the businesses having authentic information. With this badge, your targeted audience gain confidence in relying on your services without giving a second thought.

Are you planning to extend your white label marketing company over the web? Don’t forget to take the leverage of Google ads. They are inexpensive compared to other paid ads and assure you to give a perfect position in the marketplace.